Most organizations have a relatively complex IT infrastructure. In order to support different deployment topologies, the components of EasyBox can be installed with a variety of changes. This article sheds some light on the supported customizations during the installation of EasyBox.

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When installing the database, you can use a custom name other than EasyBox_Application_DB. If you do use a custom name, make sure that during the installation of the service that you change the value of the CatalogNameToUse under the <appSettings> element in the web.config file of the EasyBox Service installation folder.

Ports and Host Names

When installing the service the default http and net.tcp ports that are configured are 60438 and 60439 respectively. If different ports are used when configuring the bindings in IIS, the following changes should also be made:

  • In the web.config file of the EasyBox Service component is deployed, under the XML element <system.serviceModel>/<services>/<host>/<baseAddresses>, changes the baseAddress value of the <add> elements to correctly reflect the base address of the http and net.tcp address of the EasyBox Service
  • In the web.config file of the SharePoint Web Application where the EasyBox Web Front End component is deployed, under the XML element <system.serviceModel>/<client>/<endpoint>, change the address value to point to the net.tcp address of the EasyBox Service

Service Application Pool 

When installing the EasyBox Service, if a custom application pool account is used, like a domain user account, make sure that that the account has db_owner privileges on the EasyBox Database.

Further Customizations

The EasyBox Service component can be provisioned under a variety of different WCF bindings. Most notably it can support:

  • Basic HTTP Bindings
  • WS HTTP Bindings
  • NET TCP Biindings

For more information please refer to the article: System-Provided Bindings In order to change existing bindings and/or add new bindings. An administrator who is well versed in WCF configuration management, can use this to their advantage in order to improve the security and performance of the EasyBox Service component.